Astroplate 2014 proceedings (ISBN 978-80-7080-918-1).

Astroplate 2016 proceedings (ISBN 978-80-01-06566-2).



Word template: download

LaTeX template: download

PDF example: download

Please meet these simple rules:

  • paper length should not exceed 4 pages
  • total area of pictures has to be smaller than total area of text
  • figures in *.wmf, *.eps file (or in another vector file),
  • or in *.jpg, *.tiff – 8 points letters in figures, min. 0.15 thickness of lines, or print them separately and clearly on a laser printer (300 dpi).
  • figures, graphs or pictures must be added as a separated files
  • do not divide words
  • do not use ”Enter” at the end of lines, use ”Enter” only at the end of a paragraph


Please send your paper (Word + PDF or Latex source incl. figures + PDF) to


Maximum poster size is A0 (841 × 1189 mm).